Professional service worldwide

Let’s talk about partnership.

With the merger of Grenzebach and CNUD EFCO GFT, customers now benefit from our comprehensive professional service. We are high-performance partners of the glass industry with an international presence – four production sites in three time zones and reliable on-site service around the world.

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A lifelong relationship

We live for service. At every stage and in every way.

A glass production plant runs continuously at least for 15 years, 24/7. You can rely on our service just as continuously. By choosing CNUD EFCO GFT and Grenzebach, you are entering into a trusting relationship with a reliable partner for your plant’s entire life cycle. During planning and execution, we are available as a competent partner to give you advice and support. Our service responds flexibly to individual challenges with customized services and products. And during the utilization phase, our after-sales team will support you in ensuring that your plant is used optimally for as long as possible or that it is modernized to adapt to new requirements.

Our service advantages at a glance

Original parts

Don’t lose a minute of your precious production time.

Comprehensive customer advice, durable original parts of outstanding quality and worldwide delivery with optimized lead times: we give you everything you want from a single source. In this way, we ensure maximum availability, performance, and production reliability. In addition, you benefit from high value retention thanks to a long service life for your system.
Excellent services

Everything a plant operator could wish for.

We are at your side during your plant’s entire life cycle, with a 24/7 hotline, remote support, health checks, customer training and on-site service. All this helps to maximize the availability of the technology and maintain output at a consistently high level. Thanks to flexible contracts and, if desired, warranty extensions, you always receive a service package tailored to your needs.
Rolling upgrades

Make sure that your system keeps up with the times.

During the operation period, we ensure that your system always remains in optimal working order in every situation, for example with:

  • Process optimization
  • Plant overhaul during production
  • Hardware and software modifications
  • Technical consulting
  • Inspection of installations and re-evaluation of the safety concept
  • Upgrading of safety components to the latest standards
  • Dismantling and reassembly of plants or parts of plants when relocating
  • System-specific automated retrofits
  • In addition, we help you achieve maximum energy savings through newly developed technologies and applications.

Future services

We bring more brainpower to your processes.

Our service is perfectly adjusted to tomorrow’s needs. Take advantage of SERICY, Grenzebach’s digitalization platform, and benefit from smart, robust, and future-proof processes that are constantly being developed and expanded:

  • AR/VR support for maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Electronic parts catalogue
  • Online documentation
  • Collaboration app
  • Clear reporting
  • Detailed statistics
  • Advanced analyses

The CNUD EFCO GFT specialists

Our wealth of experience gives you the advantage.

The quality of the glass ribbon is determined in the hot end – and so is your yield. This is where our decades of experience and our in-depth process knowledge will really benefit you: CNUD EFCO GFT is a leading solution provider for tin baths and annealing lehrs – specializing in this field since 1957 and involved in the equipping of over 300 production lines since then.

Security you can rely on

With professional support and future-proof further development of your plant during its entire service life, we ensure less downtime, predictable maintenance, and thus, lower costs. We are at your side as an experienced specialist that will provide you with long-term advice on all the challenges related to maximizing your return on investment. In this way, you are ideally prepared for changing market requirements or a necessary modernization due to discontinuation.

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Joining forces for the glass industry

Grenzebach and CNUD EFCO GFT: a symbiosis that benefits you in so many ways.

The merger of CNUD EFCO GFT and Grenzebach combines all the system components that are essential for the glass pane in its final form. From the tin bath to the annealing lehr to the cold end and the transport of the finished product to the warehouse: now everything is available from a single source. As a glass manufacturer, you benefit from integrated high-tech solutions with reduced coordination effort – starting from synergies in design and engineering and extending to lifelong service and support from a single supplier.

Your advantages with CNUD EFCO GFT and Grenzebach:

  • Comprehensive technology integration
  • Strong, focused engineering
  • Reduced project management effort
  • Uniform control concepts, fewer interfaces
  • Intuitive operation of the glass plant

Overview of solutions

Annealing lehr

The annealing process is a decisive factor for quality, productivity, and efficiency. With our innovative systems, you can keep it fully under control: the latest technological control applications monitor your process at all times, prevent production losses and help to minimize downtime. This way, they ensure a maximum return on investment.

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Tin bath

The tin bath is the heart of every float glass production line; it is a decisive quality factor. Consequently, at CNUD EFCO GFT, it is always tailored to each customer’s requirements. Using process simulation, we are able to extract the ultimate in yield and quality.

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Service and support

Construction and commissioning of a new glass production line is only the first stage in a good customer relationship. Professional service in daily operation is just as important: We want your investment to be profitable without any interruption – that’s why our engineers are there for you with guidance and support over the entire life cycle of the plant.

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Since late 2019, CNUD EFCO GFT has been part of the Grenzebach Group, linked to it by common high standards of high-tech and quality. A large proportion of the flat glass produced worldwide passes through Grenzebach’s cold end – from inspection, cutting, snapping and stacking to transport. With the integration of CNUD EFCO GFT, the entire float glass production line is now available from a single source.

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