Tin bath roof

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The tin bath roof completes the tin bath; it seals it and generates overpressure in the tin bath to shield the process from the outside world. Among other things, this is where the uniform temperature distribution is determined, which is a critical factor for optimal glass production. In addition, the protective gas is fed in to reduce atmospheric contamination and prevent defects in the glass.
EFCO, which is now part of CNUD EFCO GFT, was a supplier from the very beginning: the British company Pilkington – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass and glass products – made the float glass process market-ready in the 1960s and initially manufactured all components of the production line itself. The first external component in this process was supplied by EFCO: it was the tin bath roof. Since then, this important process component has been continuously optimized. This knowledge base contributes significantly to CNUD EFCO GFT’s all-round expertise.