A key player in the glass industry

Coming from a great tradition, heading for the future.

High-tech and precision from design to the finished machines: CNUD EFCO GFT has been manufacturing annealing lehrs, tin baths and accessories for the float glass industry since 1957. The company has sites in Belgium, Germany, Romania, and China and has already been involved in equipping more than 300 float glass production lines around the world.

Our history

United power to create new synergies.

CNUD EFCO GFT was born of a merger between three pioneering companies – CNUD, EFCO and GFT:

  • CNUD, an expert in annealing lehrs, has spearheaded the annealing lehr production process since the dawn of float line history.
  • EFCO has delivered ground-breaking work in tin bath development, with a special focus on the tin bath roof.
  • GFT has also developed expertise in tin bath production since 2005.

Since the end of 2019, CNUD EFCO GFT has been a member of the international Grenzebach Group. With Grenzebach, a global player, CNUD EFCO GFT can access an enormous additional wealth of knowledge and provide even more comprehensive solutions and services for the glass production industry.


You have challenges, we have answers.

Competition in the international glass market is becoming increasingly fierce, and at the same time the complexity of float glass production lines is increasing. CNUD EFCO GFT is optimally positioned to thrive in these conditions. As the leading solution provider for tin baths, annealing lehrs, and accessories, we offer innovative answers based on decades of experience. Learn the most important facts here.


A world of competence

Joining forces for higher global production capacities: with the merger of Grenzebach and CNUD EFCO GFT, the company now has four production facilities in four time zones (Germany, Romania, China, and USA) as well as numerous service and sales offices worldwide. For you, this means:

  • Coordinated engineering
  • Reduced project management effort
  • Minimized transport efforts and, of course, the reliability of a powerful global player.


Experts you can trust

The cumulative experience and know-how of 1,500 qualified employees, most of whom have been with us for many years: this makes us a valued partner for our customers. We discuss with you at an expert level and ask the right questions about your project – with foresight and cooperation and looking beyond the project horizon.

A successful track record

CNUD EFCO GFT has been involved in equipping more than 300 float glass production lines around the world. The company supports its customers in launching products and applications, as well as in successfully positioning themselves in an increasingly competitive global glass market. The world’s leading glass producers rely on our expertise.
Robert Lamy,Chief Sales Officer, CNUD EFCO GFT
With Grenzebach, we can meet the needs of our globally active customers even better and offer integrated solutions instead of individual parts.
Egbert Wenninger,Chief Commercial Officer, Grenzebach
The complexity of float glass lines is constantly increasing and, along with it, the demand for technically sophisticated services. We will now have a specific offer for this demand.
Dennis Schattauer,Managing Director, GFT
In the Grenzebach Group, we interact every day with automation and digitalization experts. This will give our team and our customers an additional boost.


Want to join our team?

Welcome to your new career: Grenzebach is looking for team players with an edgy, innovative spirit. What we want are specialists, experts and creative minds who get to the bottom of things and are not satisfied with partial solutions.

Joining forces for the glass industry

Grenzebach and CNUD EFCO GFT: a symbiosis that benefits you in so many ways.

The merger of CNUD EFCO GFT and Grenzebach combines all the system components that are essential for the glass pane in its final form. From the tin bath to the annealing lehr to the cold end and the transport of the finished product to the warehouse: now everything is available from a single source. As a glass manufacturer, you benefit from integrated high-tech solutions with reduced coordination effort – starting from synergies in design and engineering and extending to lifelong service and support from a single supplier.

Your advantages with CNUD EFCO GFT and Grenzebach:

  • Comprehensive technology integration
  • Strong, focused engineering
  • Reduced project management effort
  • Uniform control concepts, fewer interfaces
  • Intuitive operation of the glass plant

Overview of solutions

Annealing lehr

The annealing process is a decisive factor for quality, productivity, and efficiency. With our innovative systems, you can keep it fully under control: the latest technological control applications monitor your process at all times, prevent production losses and help to minimize downtime. This way, they ensure a maximum return on investment.

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Tin bath

The tin bath is the heart of every float glass production line; it is a decisive quality factor. Consequently, at CNUD EFCO GFT, it is always tailored to each customer’s requirements. Using process simulation, we are able to extract the ultimate in yield and quality.

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Waste heat recovery

Environmental protection and economic efficiency can go hand in hand if the right solutions are used. With our innovative systems for waste heat recovery, you can make your glass production more energy-efficient while creating a new source of energy for your company – this means more profit for you and a big plus in sustainability.

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Service and support

Construction and commissioning of a new glass production line is only the first stage in a good customer relationship. Professional service in daily operation is just as important: We want your investment to be profitable without any interruption – that’s why our engineers are there for you with guidance and support over the entire life cycle of the plant.

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