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High tech and expertise dedicated to your success: Meet the world leader in automated glass production solutions.

As a global market leader in flat glass production solutions, we offer leading-edge technology. And as our customers’ partner, we offer peace of mind. Sharing your passion for glass, we are committed to long-term partnership, uncompromising service, risk minimization and the relentless pursuit of ever better solutions. Behind the Grenzebach brand and CNUD EFCO GFT are numerous experts whose expertise you can rely on in every situation. And this applies to your production plant’s entire life cycle.


What we can offer: comprehensive process know-how, innovative strength, and decades of experience – all from a single source.

Two strong, united forces: Grenzebach und CNUD EFCO GFT have merged their expertise in an integrated offer for the glass industry. The joint strategy is to further optimize and automate glass production technology. Given the increasing complexity of float glass production lines, single-source solutions are becoming more and more important.

That is exactly what we can offer. New joint technological developments, innovations for the digital glass industry and a common focus on energy efficiency make sure that you stay at the technological cutting edge in every respect: product quality, economy, and sustainability. Many joint projects have provided conclusive evidence that Grenzebach and CNUD EFCO GFT are united in their high standards for technology and quality. You too can benefit from this.

CNUD EFCO GFT applications

Everything to do with float glass: That’s our line.

Passion becomes experience: CNUD and Grenzebach have helped make the industrial float glass process a success story from the very beginning; EFCO has added its experience with the tin bath roof. The result is enormous process knowledge that benefits you in all production steps.
Integrated solutions

Glass is magic. We help make it happen.

From the tin bath to the annealing lehr to the cold end and the transport of the finished product to the warehouse: now you get everything from one source. This means uniform control concepts, fewer interfaces, more synergies, and fewer coordination efforts – whether you need the complete package or solutions for specific stages.

Your plant does the work, SERICY does the thinking.

Digital solutions that really make a difference: SERICY, Grenzebach’s digitalization platform, is the control center for the factory of the future. Cold end data can be linked to upstream information, and insights can be used directly for optimization – all based on CNUD EFCO GFT’s excellent process knowledge.
Climate protection and sustainability

Waste is a thing of the past. Aim for the future.

Responsible resource use, reduction of energy consumption and the lowest possible emissions: these are what companies in the glass industry are increasingly being judged by. The experts from Grenzebach and CNUD EFCO GFT provide effective solutions in this area and jointly drive forward the development of energy-efficient technology.

Discover the Grenzebach Group

CNUD EFCO GFT – proud member of the Grenzebach Group.

Enhancing automation at a high level and opening up new dimensions for companies in the glass industry: these are Grenzebach’s strengths. A large proportion of the flat glass produced worldwide passes through Grenzebach’s cold end – from inspection, cutting, snapping and stacking to transport. Since late 2019, CNUD EFCO GFT has been part of the Grenzebach Group, united by high standards for technology and quality.


See the big picture.

There are virtually no limits to what you can achieve when you have full control over your annealing and glass forming process. CNUD EFCO GFT produces annealing lehrs and tin baths that will be the backbone of your company’s success. Watch our video and get a look behind the scenes how the innovative solutions are produced.